Meat texture is a big deal to you and your customers.

Thankfully, we think it's a big deal too.

“Cobb has focused on meat quality for decades. We consistently invest in
research and development, new technologies and specially trained selectors to help identify the best birds to populate our breeding program. These efforts allow us to produce premium products that provide distinct advantages in uniformity, trim and yield.”

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Aldo Rossi
Vice President, Research & Development

“Meat quality is a big deal and we take it seriously. We deliver premium
products to our customers to ultimately satisfy the needs of consumers. For more than a century, Cobb has selected the best birds so our products can offer the best meat quality available. When you want premium meat quality, Choose Cobb.”

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Stan Reid

Where are your dollars hiding?

Premium meat quality and texture doesn’t happen by chance. If you want better uniformity, less trim and more saleable yield, you’ve got to start at the beginning. And our 360° customer evaluation can help you do just that.

We can take a look at your entire operation – hatchery, nutrition, production and processing and come up with a custom action plan and economic analysis that shows the overall value you get when you Choose Cobb.

All you need to do is sit back and watch the hidden dollars add up.

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Every step of the way

We're here to support you with expert advice and technical support from hatchery to processing.

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Start at the beginning

Meat quality doesn't start at the plant.
Cobb genetics and management practices get best results.

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What's it worth to you?

Better uniformity, less trim and more saleable yield can mean more overall profit.

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Show me the money

Let us help you find your hidden dollars.
You'll never know if you don't ask.

Let us show you what premium meat quality and texture could mean for your bottom line.

Ask your sales or technical service manager how you can get a 360° evaluation and custom economic analysis.
Contact us today for more information.

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